Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Simpliity Bias Tape Maker

This isn’t something that I would have bought myself, but Mum is real gadget junkie, and since she knows that I am a keen sewer she bought me a Bias Tape Maker for Xmas. I’ve used it a few times for small projects (including my hat rescue) but I thought I should document my experiences with it.


It’s a small gadget that folds up into a box with a standard power cable.  To use it the box simply folds out.  It came with the fitting for one inch wide bias binding; although other sizes are easily available (I’ve bought a smaller one and a large one for quilt binding).

I selected a piece of fabric from my $1stash to make up into a batch of binding, cutting it into bias strips with a rotary cutter and stitching the strips together on the straight grain. 

While the machine was heating up I wound the strips round the feeder and passed one end through the one inch tip.

From there the machine sort of did it itself!  Once it was started the binding was fed through the attachment, across a heated plate and out the other side, ready pressed bias binding, ready to use!

I didn’t press the seams in the binding before running it through the machine, but the machine seemed to press them as it went without a drama, and the finished binding is a good as the bought stuff.

Verdict?  I’m not sure I’d buy it, but now I’ve got it I am using it.  Not only will it be useful for binding my quilt, but I’m thinking about all sorts of other potential uses, such as binding seams in unlined garments)

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