Monday, 28 January 2013

My new, improved (re-branded) sewing STUDIO

OK, first step to rebranding my old sewing room had to be signage.  After all, how else could I expect people to know it was my studio, not just the spare room cum study where Mum keeps her sewing stuff?  Of course, the signage had to be relevant to the room, so I sewed a poster to hang on the door!
There's a bit of applique going on, and a fair amount of machine embroidery.(Courtesy of Urban Threads)

The dressmakers' dummy is where my imagination takes flight, and I couldn't be without a reference to my first every sewing machine:
I started with a truly messy study-sort-of-room, with a huge L-shaped desk as a reminder of the days when I did a lot of work at home on a desk top computer.  By the time it finally died I was using a laptop more anyway.  The old desk top, along with it's huge screen still sat in the corner of the desk gathering dust.
  As a hang up from it's dual use the room wasn't organised for my sewing, there was no where to cut out (I took projects down stairs and cut them out on the dining table) and it was permanently untidy.
The biggest change for me was swinging the L shaped desk round to give me a cutting space that I could walk round and moving the space for two of my sewing machines to the window, so I have better light. 

Unfortunately I this process put my sewing on hold for a couple of weeks while I managed to get various children to help me move the furniture around and got rid of the old desk top computer, so the minute it was operational again I jumped in and messed it all up with projects off the list of 52!  The dress on the dummy?  That's the Brown Print Maxi Dress, item three on my list.

I probably should have either photographed it first or tidied up again for the pictures.

OK, I feel guilty now.  I'll go and give it a quick tidy up.
It only looks slightly better, but my Bernina (my main machine) and my overlocker tuck neatly away in cabinets and I have a clear space for cutting and drafting.
No, of course, I need to get cracking on the 52 projects.  I've actually already completed two of them and started another two, but I need to take photos and get blogging.

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  1. I wouldn't rush to tidy it too quickly... I think the point of the sewing room is that (oh sorry) is to be able to start and stop and not tidy up. Keep in mind, if it is too tidy someone may think it is an invitation to do their work in there!