Friday, 27 September 2013

New game to play!

This is going to have a lot of photos.  

I’ve finally taken the time to work through the curious kiwi’s amazing tutorial on visualising fabric and patterns.  I really don’t know why I didn’t do it before.  The first one took AGES, but once you get the hang of it it’s quick and I’m able to get enthusiastic about projects that have withered for a while.

Frocktober will have to start with this dress...

I bought the couture dress course back in January, and I’ve watched most of the lessons.  However, I was procrastinating over starting the dress as I considered several fabrics from my stash.
A summer evening...

A classy work option

Now I can actually visualise what they might look like if I got my A into G and actually started sewing them.
I’ve been hankering after a jumpsuit ever since I considered one for the Burda Sew a long in May,   but did a jacket instead.  Now I can see just what my fabrics would look like.

Although I’ve also recently bought the Tania Culottes and wonder whether the pastel print would look good as a Tania?  Wonder no more!

And with summer round the corner I can get excited about flowery print dresses and skirts too…

…and even the long promised jeans…

On a more serious note, that nice pinky sort of tweed would make a great jacket...

... with a matching skirt of course...

The down side to this is that I’m actually having to go through and acknowledge my fabric stash, and tell myself again that I MUST stop buying fabric until it has diminished:
150 x 160

135 x 220

110 x 100

220 x 150

120 x 90

130 x 200

150 x 400

150 x 750

110 x 400

150 x 300

110 x 200

150 x 120

150 x 200

150 x 300
150 x 100

150x 100

This is less than half of what I have hidden in various cubby holes so I don’t have to face the real size of my stash.

Do other people know how much fabric they actually own?


  1. Oh well done for following curious kiwis tutorial. I should do the same.

    Yes, I do know how much fabric I have. I moved it a year or so ago and measured every piece, added a tag to all the pieces for future reference and kept a running total. Now when I sew something I take it off my total, and when I purchase more I add it on. Yes a bit OCD...

    It hovers around 200 and 240 metres; about 4 to 5 years supply...

  2. That makes me feel sooo much better. I reckon I've catalogued about a third of it and so far it's 56.4 metres, so it isn't really that bad. I suspect that if I was a little more OCD about it I'd be able to keep it under control. I'll take that lesson from you.

  3. Love your options for fabric and pattern combos! And those jeans are going to be awesome!
    I have two stashes. A summer stash and a winter stash.... yup, at the change of each season I vacuum pack the old season's fabric up and slide it on under my bed, therefore making room for the current season's fabrics in my sewing room. I have no idea how much fabric I have but even I have to admit that I ought to reduce the amount in my collection, but I can't help myself!

  4. great idea, I must check out the tutorial.
    I don't know how much fabric I have but it can't be too much as I can close all my cupboards - surely only that should indicate the time to stop buying?

  5. I am currently working on that Kay Unger pattern in your first picture - having a few problems with the high bust but the skirt I am loving which sits just above the waist. All my fabric stash is in the one place and it all has labels on it, but I haven't got a running list of how much I actually have - that might just be a bit much for me to maintain! Happy sewing :-)

  6. Wow wow wow, look at you go, I am seriously impressed! :) They all look fabulous and how much more exciting is it to get a sneak peak of how the finished product might look?

    Unfortunately I know how many items of fabric I own, my Evernote keeps the count for me, sigh, I just don't look (as I skulk home today with another new piece...but it was on special!)

  7. I love this tutorial for Gimp, I have never seen it before. It will help me when planning and visualizing a garment. Plus hopefully working on using the stash..
    Thanks for sharing.