Thursday, 30 May 2013

FO - The Jacket with no dragons in sight

I’ve been a bit slack on this jacket.  It only occurred to me last night, when I read the Curious Kiwi’s post last night, that May was almost over and I hadn’t got around to finishing my Burda jacket. 

So last night I sat down with three episodes of Desperate Housewives and a needle and thread to sew down the underside of the black edging to the lining of the jacket.  Now, I know some people hate hand finishing garments.  Personally find it relaxing to curl up in front of the TV with a programme that doesn’t require concentration and a sewing project on my knee.  Last night that’s exactly what I did.  It took me two and half hours of mindless TV and the jacket is finished.

The style of this jacket is a bit boxy for me, and I do wonder whether a heavier interfacing would have given it a little more structure.  Having said that, it’s quite nice as a sort of cardigan-style jacket, which does “lift” a plain black outfit. 

My original intention (Project17) was make a skirt in the same fabric; the jury’s still out on that idea.   It might be a bit much, or a bit matronly.  I’ll sit on that idea for a while.
Overall I'm pleased with this.  I didn't use the Burda instructions at all.  Just using a little common sense and the numbers on the pattern pieces it was a simple sew, and I'd recommend it as a first jacket for anyone interested in trying jackets for the first time.


  1. It looks every bit as amazing as I thought it would! I love the black contrast, it makes the pink hounds tooth really pop. I don't think it looks boxy, that style is timeless, well done :)

  2. Great job. This is the sort of jacket my cape nearly was! Clearly, you have to use your common sense because the instructions don't make much sense! lol I agree with the curious kiwi - it's an enduring, timeless style!

  3. I guess I worry that timeless can look matronly. I've now worn this a few times and had positive feed back. I guess you're right ;)