Thursday, 16 May 2013

Project 6

I’ve been silent on this for a while, but I have actually completed all 20 blocks in the Craftsy Block of the Month course.  It ended up being a project that I could pick up and do in small bites, rather than having to clear a substantial block of time to be worth tackling. 

Bit by bit I made twenty blocks.  Some were so simple that I could have done them with a picture; others took two or three goes to get right. 

Once I’d finished the twenty blocks laid them all out into what seemed to be a pleasing way, and decided that the quilt was going to be smaller than I wanted, so I decided to do an extra five blocks, which would give me a quilt that was five feet square, before I added sashing.  With sashing I’m hoping that it will be close to two metres square – a substantial bed quilt.

I did one of the 2013 blocks, but most of them are not the standard 12 ½ inches square, so don’t add easily onto Amy’s blocks.  I invented a few more, using the techniques that I had learnt over the course, and finally have my 25 blocks!
Next step is to sash them together.  I’m going to use a plain black to join them so that each block looks “framed”.  The next exciting bit is going to be the quilting.  I’ve done a little experimentation with using the embroidery machine to quilt, and while it works on smaller pieces of quilting (Project 45 has been started with smaller quilting samples.) I can’t see how I will be able to manage a large piece round the machine.  I’ve also seen some very impressive quilts just using Amy’s ditch stitching technique.  There’s still plenty of learning to do with this project.

Once I’ve done all this I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my quilt.  It’s not going to fit into my bedroom (wrong colours) and I can’t really see anywhere in my home it will fit.   It seems a shame to put all this work into a project that then sits in the bottom of a cupboard.

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