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52 projects - How did I do?

This time last year I sat on the Brisbane air train and created a listof crafting projects for 2013.  I reviewed my list back in June.  At that point I had only completed thirteen of them.
Five of them were in progress in June. 
I now have three in progress

6. Patchwork quilt – I’m embarrassed to admit that this one is still in exactly the same position as it was in June; waiting for me to do the quilting bit.
  45. Pale Green laptop bag - started, but sort of ground to a halt and hasn’t moved since.
 23. Olive Green Short sleeved Jacket – I rebranded this as a long sleeved jacket using vogue YYYY, but it still in progress as I’ve sort of fallen out of love with the pattern now I see it in real life!
...and some I had second thoughts about in June and have now been officially abandoned;

47. ‘Purple seahorse appliquéd cushion for my bedroom – officially abandoned

49. Pink and silver blouse - officially abandoned

While others have been “Re-branded”-

26. Candy Striped dress – this has been rebranded as a cardigan top and completed
44. Chambray short/culottes –re-branded as print short/cullottesand completed using the Tania  Pattern

Out of the 27 projects that were still waiting to be done, I have managed to cross a few of them off:
38. Black and white Corset dress – completed as Vogue 8648
17. Pink and black hounds tooth bias cut skirt – Completed
33. Blue and Green Striped skirt – Completed
 11. Barrel shaped saddle bag for my bike - Finished
but have not yet blogged about some of them:
36. Blue and white striped shirt (for undetermined male) – Completed for me
24. Olive green tailored skirt – Completed, but too boring to blog about
29. Black Merino T shirt – used a burda pattern, then discovered that the fabric is a little too see through on it’s own, so made a simple singlet in the same fabric to wear underneath. Not yet worn, so not photographed, so not blogged
32. Brown Tencel Shirt – Completed, but not photographed, so not yet blogged
19. Red Silk Shirt – done it and hate it, no idea why.  Will photograph it and blog soon
40. White flowered sleeveless blouse – completed but not blogged
41. Bottle Green Tailored Pants - completed but not blogged, and even made a jacket to match!
42. White slashed shoulder blouse – decided that slashed shoulders are a little passé so it was completed as a plain white shirt as part of a shirt sewing spree before Christmas.  Details to come soon.

Others I have had second thoughts about;
5. Pink and brown tweed skirt – not sure about this – I suspect that it may end up looking a bit like project 17 – currently under review
39. Graduated dyed dress (originally white) - lost enthusiasm for this one
46. Quilted dust cover for my overlocker – started but then got a cupboard for my overlocker and so it doesn’t need a dust cover.
28. Black Merino Cardigan – ran out of fabric after project 29

After all this there are still fourteen of the original fifty-two still in the queue:

37. Black and Blue striped dress – Vogue XXXX.
50. White Flowered jeans – and I’m getting quite excited about them , and have got McCalls XXXX sorted as far as fit goes, so they may get cut out in the next few days.
35. Red white and blue striped shirt – nearly made it to the sewing table when I had a shirt making spree just before Christmas.
12. Bucket bag to fit into my bike basket
7. Tote bag for pattern making classes
23. Olive Green Short sleeved Jacket – I rebranded this as a long sleeved jacket using vogue YYYY, but it still in progress as I’ve sort of fallen out of love with the pattern now I see it in real life!
27. Blue Lacy cardi/wrap
31. Green and cream silk skirt
14. White Leather Hat – not even thought about, but I’ve still got the leather with no other plans, so I guess it’s still in the queue
18. Short sleeved black and white checked jacket – still in the queue, and should probably be near the top right now, as I’m sure I’m bound to get a job in the new year, and will need lighter weight suits.  I don’t have a specific pattern in mind, so maybe it will be my first self-drafted jacket

30. Green Peplum Dress –Abandoned as a peplum dress, but still on the cards as a sleeved work version of vogue 8648
43. Teal Crinkle dress.
34. Blue, black and white dress 
52. Grape coloured Jeans – still not done, although I’m happy with the pattern now

Despite having fourteen incomplete projects I have sewn some projects that were not on the original list:
I went a little wild in Frocktober and made a total of four adult dresses, three for me…

And one for my daughter

I sewed two pairs of jeans as wearable muslins, the second more wearable than the first
I have made a green jacket to go with the trousers that were project 41 – post to follow as soon as I have photos
I made a pink tweed skirt based on my skirt block and matching jacket from Burda – again, I’ll blog that when I have photos, but it’s a really warm fabric and it may be a while before I can bring myself to wear it.
I made a blue wool skirt with a matching pale grey blouse – post to come.
I made oven gloves for my gift stash,
Sewed a Christmas tree!
And made two little girls very happy new dresses from my stash.
Against all better judgement I made myself a jumpsuit – and I love wearing it.
I made a black and pink jacket for the Burda Sew-a-long
Made a cape for the Monthly Stitch first challenge
and re-made a skirt to go with it.
And a gecko T shirt to go with Project 16.
I sewed cushions for my balcony chairs
I sewed myself a chess board and sewed a flag for a boat I had care of for the first half of the year.

So although I didn’t complete the original 52 projects, I still managed to complete 29 of them, plus three in progress and 22 unplanned projects, averaging only slightly under one project a week!
Did you sew everything you planned to last year?

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  1. :O Whoa! You sewed a lot. Keep up the good work :)