Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Being Bossed Around

It’s all very well letting my readers boss me around, but the curious kiwi didn’t tell us what to do in the event of a dead heat. Although only a couple of people thought I should make the Simplicity Track Suit, the Butterick Retro Dress and the Guy LaRoche jacket received exactly the same number of votes.  I’m not quite sure what the rules say about this, but Eileen commented that she couldn’t vote, but liked the jacket.  I’m not sure whether she ever managed to vote, but I’m going to assume not, and add her vote to the jacket total, so I have a winner!

I’m really looking forward to this jacket, so I cut out the pattern last night and pinned the pieces onto my dummy.  While she’s not an exact match to me, she’s pretty close and it’s a good way to start the fitting process. While cutting it out I noticed the pattern was dated 2003, so it looks as though I've had the pattern for about ten years - definately time she came out!

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