Thursday, 25 April 2013

Historical Burda Magazines?

Ok, my last attempt at sussing out a Burda pattern for the Burda sew-a-long didn’t get further than the very recent ones. 
Today is a public holiday in NZ and it’s windy, pouring with rain and I’ve got a cold, so I can’t go diving.
 Sounds like a good excuse to make a coffee and get my older magazines out.  I know that there are several patterns that I have always wanted to get around to making.

I've been getting Burda regularly for about six years, but on and off for a lot longer.  My Oldest Burda?  September 1989.  

My oldest Burda is actually older than my oldest child!
Not all the outfits would be out of place today.  

These shorts from May 1991 are not fundamentally different from what the younger set are wearing now.  Although the lingerie feature in the June 1990 issue did have a dated feel about it:

 In terms of what would I like to sew now?

I loved this when the magazine came out in May 1991 and I still do.  Today I'd probably pick a different colour for the side panels, rather than just a different texture, with a nod to the colour blocking trend, but I would wear this as a top, or as a waistcoat in the cooler months. 

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