Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Not really fabric buying?

In theory I’m trying to not buy Fabric at the moment.  I identified 52 Projects for 2013, all from my current fabric stash!  I figured that if I already have at least 52 fabrics that need sewing, I really need to start sewing them, not buying more.   BUT this wasn’t really “buying”, I mean, not really...

There was no reserve on this auction, so I put a $1 bid in, just to see what happened... and I won it!  Really, $1? That’s not really fabric “buying”is it?

2 ½ metres of a very thin white fleece
4 metres of a peachy coloured tweed
2 metres of a two tone brown and gold curtain type fabric
4 metres of a pink body mesh
1.2 metres of a butter colours silk

1.3 metres of a georgeous aqua and tan tye-die type print
1.5 of a grey/creamy lycra
4 metres of a pale stone coloured chifon
3 metres of a vanilla cream embossed furnishing fabric

90 cm of a white denim weight daisy print
2.2 metres of  a black and gold print
1.4 metres of white lining

2 metres black chiffon

1.6 metres of a yellow and black print

2 metres of a navy and rasberry pink floral print

And more T shirting than I cared to measure – mostly black, but with some white, brown, red and green (all with matching ribbing)

There was alos about 10 lengths of less than a metre which will become trimming, bags and practice peices.

This was almost like Christmas!  Three boxes of fabric, and at only a dollar I figure it doesn’t really count as “buying” fabric, so I don’t need to feel guilty. 

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  1. Oh, wow - what an amazing bargain. One dollar for that much is definitely *not* buying fabric - it's like finding it for free!