Monday, 22 April 2013

Project one

Project one was a case for my medication.  In theory this was just for when I was travelling, but it’s also useful for popping into my hand bag.  I don’t necessarily want to have pills floating around my handbag, or be advertising them to everyone, so I felt that a neat little bag to keep them in would be useful, and a fun project.

I’ve been busy following Amy Gibson’s block of the month and have almost completed all 20 blocks.  Looking ahead I watched her video on the actual quilting bit and thought it might be fun to try out a little quilting. 

 A quilted a couple of pieces, one just following the pattern on the fabric with my ordinary sewing machine,...
And another using my embroidery machine.  Having got this swept up machine, I figure that I might as well use it to do some, if not all the quilting...


Getting the fabric, backing and wadding into the hoop was challenging, but I did manage it with a little swearing and used a simple daisy design...


My gut feeling – standard embroidery designs are too fussy for quilting.  Both the design and  the quilting managed to get lost.

I bound both pieces together and added a clip from Spotlight to complete the bag.

I also learned a little more about quilting.  If I’m going to use my embroidery machine I need to get a simpler design (possibly designed for quilting rather than embroidery) and find an easier way to hoop a quilt up.  If I’m going to use my straight sewing machine I need to get a massive delivery of patience!!! 

The case for my medication is complete, but the lesson is still in progress

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