Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Back on track with project 33

Reviewing my 52 projects made me realise that I’ve been seduced by fabric and patterns and ideas that were not on the list, and haven’t made as much progress as I should have on the 2013 to-do-list.  On the one hand creating the list served a number of functions to do with my existing (and embarrassingly large) fabric stash and always having something to sew.  On the other hand it also addressed gaps in my wardrobe.  One of those gaps was for basic straight skirts for work, and project 33 addressed that gap.

I don’t use a pattern for simple tailored skirts as I did a pattern drafting course last year and came away with a very well fitting skirt block.  I can use the block as a straight skirt or as the base for more interesting patterns (such as project 16).  I bought a metre of this green and blue striped fabric specifically for a work skirt some time ago and the fabric, lining and zip have been sitting together in a plastic bag as a project in waiting for over a year. 

 There is no excuse for such procrastination as this skirt is soooooo quick and simple.  Even with a full lining I can sew one of these skirts in an evening and sew the hem and other bits of hand finishing the following evening in front of the TV.  I don’t need to do any fitting as that’s all been done before for my skirt block.  Although it’s not one of the more exciting and creative projects there is some satisfaction in seeing fabric making from the stash to the wardrobe so quickly.  I finished it last night and wore it today!

I wore it with a cardigan knitted out of some cheap yarn last year, which came out surprisingly well and is not a bad colour for this skirt.

The blouse was the first one that I drafted from my bodice block (pattern making classes again), so this is an entire me made outfit and although it is nothing outstanding, its smart and fits well and is really comfortable.

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