Friday, 7 June 2013

Project 13

I’ve avoided this write up because I’m not really happy with this jacket and I’m not sure what went wrong.  It was one of my 52 projects, and I started it way back in February, and I thought it looked great, but we had a few months of really hot and sunny weather round that time and I totally lost enthusiasm for what was a pretty heavy-weight jacket.  Over the last few weeks the season turned dramatically, by passing autumn/fall altogether and rushing headlong into winter.  My desire for a finished jacket spurred me into action and I set about lining and finishing project 13.  If I was a superstitious person I would have missed number 13 when I was setting projects for 2013.

It should have been a no brainer.  I used a pattern that I’ve used before successfully...

... and I’m no stranger to using furnishing fabrics for jackets.

 Somehow this just didn’t turn out right.

The edges look sort of curved, and the collar won't stay flat.  No amount of pressing will improve the look.

The pockets look as though they are in the wrong position.

The button hole went really wrong...

Maybe it would look better if I tried to look happy about it?


I'll probably wear it because it's not really bad, but I really feel that this has failed to live up to my expectation.  Maybe I'll try hitting it with an iron again...

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