Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Frocktober again

I know, I’ve already done Frocktober, but I love dresses, and there are soooo many on my sewing list that I couldn’t just do one.

This is a Burda dress, and I regard as a sort of wearable muslin.  I used one of the vintage cottons that I was given.  

As a wearable muslin there are problems.  The neckline gapes rather and I wasn’t sure whether it was the cut, or the fact that I didn’t interface the neck edge and it’s on the bias so stretched.  

I sort of fudged the neck by adding ties that pull the V neck into a sort of sweet-heart neck line and hug it closer to my chest.  

After wearing it I also decided that I needed to top stitch the whole area in place too.

I thought of it as a bit of a boring sort of fabric, but now I’ve made it up it has a sort of English-afternoon-tea-and-croquet sort of vibe about it.  That’s the way it makes me feel anyway.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty fabric! Works so nicely with your skin tone. I love the strap details.