Monday, 14 October 2013


I’ve been planning this dress for ages. Although it’s not one of my 52 projects, the fabric came from my $1 stash and I bought the pattern (Vogue 1353) because the fabric toldme too!  

It was one of the first projects that I managed to visualise using Gimp (thanks curious kiwi) and seeing it on screen reminded me how much I wanted that dress.

The Monthly Stitch challenge for October is dresses, which seemed like a brilliant excuse to tackle this dress.
I’ve read several reviews of this pattern and several sewers found the bodice rather short.  Since a short bodice is something I frequently suffer from I tissue fitted the bodice pieces and confirmed that it was very short on me.  I added 8 cm to all the bodice pieces.  

I always knew I was border line as far as the quantity of fabric was concerned, but I can usually squeeze patterns in a little.  Unfortunately by the time I had added 8cm to the bodice I was never going to get the skirt in the fabric I had.  I elected to make up the bodice and draft an A-line skirt from my skirt block instead of the vogue one.
Overall I’m pleased with the dress.  

I still love the print.  It’s a lightweight fabric, rather than the stiffer fabric that is recommended for the pattern.  I suspect that the folds in the neckline are softer than intended. 

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  1. I also just made this dress for Frocktober - my opening comment was just the same as yours ... the pattern just does that to you :) Great dress.