Tuesday, 29 October 2013

um... another Frocktober

This dress was scheduled for completion for the first week in December, until Thursday, when my little princess advised me of a slight scheduling adjustment.  Instead of the first weekend in December, could she possibly wear it this weekend?

Being an absolute sucker, I dropped everything else and got stuck in. 

I had planned to do this dress for her following Susan Khalje's Craftsy course.  I had already been through the muslin stage and fitted it on her, but had got no further, since she hadn’t chosen a fabric. 

Having a well-fitting muslin meant that when she arrived on Friday for the final fitting and length consultation, I had made pretty good progress, and we managed to get it finished in time for her to go out for the evening.  

Obviously there was no way I was going to be able to use the couture methods with this time frame, so I reverted to the pattern instructions.  The only concession to couture was inserting the zip by hand.  I didn’t want to use an invisible zip as she wanted the bodice very snug.  It would be a shame to have the zip go early in the evening and spoil the effect of what is a stunning dress.

I had also intended to use the hemming tape that Susan K suggested, but I couldn’t find any.  I tried four different shops and only one of them even knew what I was talking about.
I will continue to search and as a temporary measure I used iron on hemming tape!  I know, it seems like cheating, but it did give the hem a little extra body that really worked for this dress.   

As soon as I can find the real stuff the dress will be recalled for improvement!

Instead of ordinary lining, I used  cotton poplin, as she will be wearing this dress in warm weather, and I can’t imagine ordinary lining being at all comfortable.  I also only lined the bodice section.

I’m actually very pleased with the result, and so was my "little princess".  The dress looks stunning despite the last minute scheduling adjustment.  I even managed to get back to the jumpsuit that I planned to wear on Saturday evening ( I realise that this is a strange concept to anyone under 20, but I did actually have plans of my own for the weekend other than sewing for my off-spring).


  1. Really gorgeous dress. May I ask what pattern you used? Fits like a dream too! :-)

    1. It's Vogue 8648, which is the one that Susan Khalje uses

  2. Lovely fabric! Amazing dress. This looks like the same pattern as the the vogue couture used for the course, but with a circle skirt, I have seen this done before and it always looks brilliant.

    1. This is the same dress as Susan Khalke used for the course. It has several options, including the circle skirt. I was so pleased with this that I will be doing a straight skirted version for myself

  3. Pretty... and your "little princess" looks fantastic in red! ~Laurie

  4. The dress looks amazing! The fit is beautiful and the full skirt, stunning. I love inserting a zipper by hand, I think it is just so much better than the machine - I only use the machine if I am doing an invisible zipper. You are an Awesome mummy :)