Friday, 1 November 2013

One more?

Ok, it’s twenty five to eleven on 31st October (NZST) – can I squeeze one more dress into Frocktober?

Of course I can.  So here it is, my forth Frocktober dress.

Actually this is a bit of a cheat really, since it’s the same pattern as my second one, which was really a wearable muslin for my third one, which got bumped down to fourth place by a small scheduling adjustment by my little princess.  (Or maybe even fifth if you count the child’s dress)
Anyway, here it is?
I did learn from the wearable muslin, and the neckline sits a lot better on this one.  Excuse the bust shot.

I took a little slither out of the front bodice using what Susan Khalje called a dead dart.   
I also stitched a small strip of the selvedge of the fabric into the slightly bias neckline edge.  Of course, having made two adjustments I’m not sure which of these measures made the difference, but it’s better now.

Now I’ve got this bodice sorted out I really like the pattern, and will probably use it again.

Four Fabulous Frocktober Frocks!( It’s just as well I don’t have any sewing books for November)


  1. Love the dress and the fit is really great on this one. Applying some the "dead darts" from the Susan Khalje class worked wonderfully. I've got to get back to that class and choose a pattern.

  2. It'a great class, and I'm using bits of what she teaches in other sewing projects. I've made a version of the dress she uses in the class for my daughter - it's a great pattern. I see several of these for me in my future, and have already had a request for another one from my daughter.