Friday, 29 November 2013

The trouble with cheap fabric

I didn’t mean to do it really.  I was just browsing on Trade me.   

The trouble is, I can’t resist cheap fabric, and five metres of soft white shirting with a self coloured stripe for only six bucks? I love a white shirt.   

True, I had to drive over to the North Shore to get it, which added a couple of bucks to the cost.  Since I was making the trip I couldn’t turn down this printed denim.   

I could see a cool BBQ dress out of it – quick easy make for the party season.
Of course, the trouble with buying stuff off trade me is that you don’t know it’s background, and this fabric has ISSUES.

From the moment I got it in the house it was determined to take over and get to the top of the queue.  It also wasn’t going to be fobbed off with a quick dress.

“Come on girl.  I’m jeans, you know it and I know it.  You’re short of jeans and your sewlution was jeans.  You’ve only done two pairs and they were both wearable (or not so wearable) muslins.”

“I know,” I said calmly.  After all, she was new in the house and probably didn’t understand the system.  I went to put her on the shelf with the rest of the stash. “…but I had a dress in mind for you.” 

“Rubbish, I’d make amazing jeans.  Those cool printed ones are all over the shops at the moment “

“I have work clothes and party clothes ahead of jeans in the queue” I tried to leave the room 

”You’re unemployed so you’re wearing more casual clothes than anything else” That was below the belt; Time to get personal with her.

“Look, the high fashion ones are bright and floral, which you are not”

“And the models are twenty-two, which you are not” She is evil!

“There’s a system here.  You have to wait your turn.  Look at this print.  I bought her three years ago, and she only got her pattern pieces last week.  I will pluck up courage to cut onto her any day now.   

You can’t just come in here, tell me what you want to be and jump the queue”

“I understand that you become attached to expensive fabric, but let’s face it.  I only cost four bucks, you have nothing to lose on me.  At least pop me in the washing machine.  I quick pre-wash wouldn’t actually commit you, but once you see me on the washing line, you’ll agree with me”

By now I just wanted to get out of this argument with her (I was in danger of losing) and figured she couldn’t talk to be from the washing machine.

Do other people have bossy fabric, or it just a consequence of re-homing cheap fabric from Trade me?

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  1. Oh dear. My fabric is just the same....