Thursday, 14 November 2013

WARNING - A jumpsuit!

I have to confess I did have misgivings about this project.  It wasn’t on my 2013 list, but that wasn’t the only problem. 

WAY back in the eighties I recall wearing jumpsuits.  I was young and Charlie’s Angels were on the TV, and they really wore jumpsuits!  

Something very similar appears on the cover of Mannaquin this month

I have been told that you should never do a trend if you remember it last time… but… I really liked jumpsuits last time.   

Not the sparkly one’s you understand, but the ones I wore were really comfortable, and a little bit dressy, and they remind me of my student days. 

So, despite all doubts I went ahead and picked this pattern from Burda ..

and made myself a jump suit!

Maybe I shouldn’t wear it, but I love it.  It made its first outing to a BBQ the day after I finished it, and I have worn it several times since.  It makes me feel young again!

Ok, that’s scary.  May be I’d be better off kept a little more subdued!

Anyway, if you’re contemplating this pattern be warned – that model must have tooth picks instead of legs!  The trouser part of the jumpsuit is really skinny.  I had to re-draft the legs to get the loose look from the picture.  That said, the top came together really nicely and I can also see me adding a skirt to the top for a dress in the future.

Once I’d sorted out the legs it was a quick make, and I may well make it again.


  1. Haha, I love how you warned us first ;) but it looks fabulous on you, comfy but fashionable in that print - I've been debating a jumpsuit/playsuit thing for aaaages - one day, one day... ;)

  2. something about a 'warning' always makes me click ;p
    your project looks great