Sunday, 22 December 2013

My 50th party dress

I made my daughter a version of the couture dress (Vogue 8648) a couple of months ago, and then made myself a straight skirted version for the Christmas season.  I was soooo delighted with this dress, and the version that I made as my annual Christmas dress that I made myself another party dress from the same pattern, this time dedicated to 50th birthday parties.   

I seem to have a spat of these over the next few months (with mine in there somewhere too) so I figured that I could justify yet another new dress dedicated to this particular round of parties.   

This time I did use most of the couture techniques that Susan Khalje recommends, and even remembered to put bra retainers in this one.  I did the circle skirted version and used the stiff hemming tape, which took ages (five metres of hemming).  

Other than that the time consuming methods weren't to laborious, mainly because it is the third time sewing this pattern, and the second time for me.  There were no fitting adjustments required at all.

The fabric is a heavy weight cotton, almost denim weight and it has took to the hemming tape really well, giving it quite a bit of swing.

Overall I’m delighted with the dress.  I wore it to a double celebration last night – a friend’s 50th, and for me yesterday marked exactly one year smoke free!


  1. Gorgeous dress. And well done on your smoke free milestone!

  2. I love it! So fun, so floral, so summer-y! What's not to love. Oh and you looking amazing too!