Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Really Christmas Sewing!

Ok this was one of my more bizarre sewing ideas.  

I’m doing Christmas Lunch this year, but I REALLY don’t want to get a Christmas tree.  Apart from the cost,

… they shed needles,

…I have nowhere to dump it in January so I’ll have to pay to have it taken away,

…but I hate plastic ones

…I don’t have a huge living area so it’d be a struggle to fit one in the living room and not have it get in the way.

After some deliberation I came up with a solution that 

...won’t shed needles,

…will be easy to store after Christmas

…will take up very little room in the living room

...definitely says “Me” in a way that no pine tree (real or fake) ever could.

I sewed myself a Christmas tree!

The fabric was from my $1 stash and apart from being rather loud for my wardrobe it is really itchy, so I don’t see a place for it as a garment.  There was only a scant metre of it anyway so I was probably going to end up throwing it away eventually, so I class it as zero cost.

I cut the fabric into three rectangles that were twice as long as they were wide other and two rectangles for the trunk and bucket.

I folded the three rectangles into a square and stitched down one side…

...pressed the seam to the centre of the back, forming a triangle,

…inserted some cardboard to hold the triangle firmly

... before sewing each triangle closed and stitching them on top of each other…

…added a trunk and bucket and voila!

A Christmas tree!

I’ve hung it on a light, so there is space at the base to place presents, and will be decorating it shortly.  The rather loud green and silver print means that I won’t bother with tinsel, just lights and few baubles.

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