Saturday, 15 February 2014

Miss Bossy

Ok, I’ve not done well with the monthly challenge so far this year.  January started with a new skill and I decided to draft a jacket.  There’s a reason I have never done this before – it’s hard!

I took inspiration from one of Alexander Wang’s jackets for his first Belenciaga collection:

Not only do I like the look of this jacket, but I thought the absence of collars and lapels would simplify the drafting. 
I’m currently on my forth muslin for this, and although I haven’t given up, this is not going to qualify as a January challenge.
Pants for February may yet still happen – although it’s so warm here at the moment I’m struggling to feel much enthusiasm for pants.  I have made another pair of Tania culottes, so they may have to do.

I need to up my game for the March challenge.  The original idea was to sew a pattern that we have had for a while, but haven’t got around to sewing yet.  Mel decided that was too simple, so added a twist.  We have to let you chose the pattern!

So here are three patterns that I’ve been meaning to sew for a while.

Simplicity 3640 – I think that this must be out of print as I can’t find it on the Simpilicty web site. 

I bought this pattern because it uses machine embroidery when Mum first suggested that I might use her embroidery machine more than me.  Although it’s not a particularly exciting design, it is something that I will get use out of, rather than yet more working clothes for when I get a job. I’d use a stretchy polar fleece and this would also double as a diving suit to wear under my dry suit in the winter.  I’d probably use a marine type design like this one for the embellishment.
Urban Threads

Vogue 2752 – again, I can’t find this Guy Laroche pattern on the web site so it may also be out of print.   

I can’t remember when I bought it, but it was the jacket with the curved front that caught my eye.  

I’d probably use a plain black or navy fabric for this.

Finally Butterick 4790…

…which practically everyone has sewn up, and I love the look of, but I’ve somehow never got around to it.  I’d probably use this print, 

'cos I’ve got heaps of it and this dress needs heaps.
So, vote away!  I can’t wait to see what I’m going to sew in March

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  1. love the Butterick dress! the black and white is very stylish. all the best for your sewing

  2. I voted for the Guy Laroche jacket, it's so lovely! ps, my voting poll is up here: not sure if you've voted yet, but feel free to vote away!

  3. Guy Laroche. Lovely!
    PS: was unable to vote for some reason?

  4. The Guy Laroche jacket is simply fabulous. I really hope it wins, I'd love to see it!

  5. It's literally neck and neck at the moment between the Butterick dress and the Guy LaRoche jacket. I must admit I've been looking forward to sewing the jacket up, but the Butterick dress would get lots of wear.