Friday, 14 February 2014

The cavern of indecision.

Sorry to Hi-jack this idea, but I’m stuck in a cavern of indecision here.

February – Pants: I decided to sew a pair of jeans with a cheap trade-me purchase that I tried to dye because I hated the colour.  It came out a bit blotchy, but I figured that jeans would be ok a bit blotchy.

Anyway, that’s not the indecision bit. 
I’ve always put a simply embroidery design on the pockets of my jeans, and I seem unable to chose which design to use this time.  I’ve sewn up four bum pockets and really need your help to chose one.
They've all been pinned to the finished size.

The first one is a simple heart:

 Or a Gecko...

Or a scuba diver...

 Or finally, a girly option of daisies...
Please HELP ME !

What design should go on my pocket? free polls 

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