Friday, 6 April 2012

New toy from Mum

A couple of weeks ago I headed over to the Gold Coast (Australia) to visit my parents.  My mother used to be a keen sewer, and got out her machines so we could do a bit of mother/daughter bonding.  It didn't take long for me to realise why she hardly sews anymore.  She maintains that she doesn't need glasses, because she's too vain to wear them, but I had to thread up all the machines and every needle we needed.  At the end of my stay she offered me her embroidery machine.  Apparently she reckons I'll use it more than she does.  She packed it up for me and, thanks to the awesome staff at Emirate Airlines, (who pretended not to notice that my luggage was 14kg over weight) the mysterious embroidery machine came home with me.
I've had a few projects on the go lately and only got around to unpacking and trying out this machine this week.  It's great.  It comes with software and usb cables so I can scan, digitise and embroider my own designs.  
 So far I've limited myself to monogramming my towels and fairly subtle decoration on a couple of my diving thermals and plain T shirts, but I can see me letting this machine get out of hand.  It would be too easy to start a little bit of embellishment and end up looking like a walking craft exhibit.  

Hopefully by writing it down here, I will see it in the future and remember to apply an editing eye to my projects.  All those soooo plain T shirts can now be lifted to new heights.

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