Monday, 16 April 2012

Eating elephants - bites two and three

Having got side tracked by a new T shirt for my sewing chair, I figured I'd better get back to the elephant project.  I realised that I'd got bites two and three in the wrong order.  it makes much more sense to sew the darts and pleats BEFORE I overlock all the pieces.  Since I haven't bitten anything off this project for three days I figured I might as well jump in and do both.  

One of my all too frequent mistakes is forgetting that two sides need to be mirror images, not identical.  I was determined not to make that mistake and copied all the markings onto both pieces as mirror images.  Of course I forgot that men's pants usually only have the bound pocket on the right hand side, and I marked the pocket placement on both sides.  It is only tailor's chalk, so I'm hoping that the marks on the left hand piece will rub off.

I overlocked the pocket piping pieces in half, since that's how I'll fit them.

I'm still a day behind, so I might try and get the bound pocket done later today.  I found a set of really easy instructions   for making a bound pocket, so rather than try to follow the pattern instructions I'm going to work through these instructions.  She's put a button on a flap on hers, but I don't want that so I'll just leave out that bit.

Now I have a pile of prepared pieces for these pants, ready to be assembled.

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