Thursday, 12 April 2012

Miley Cyrus's dress

Once upon a time my kids were horrified at the thought of wearing home-made clothes.  While my son is still a label junkie, my little girl has re-branded home-made clothes into "tailor made"  and delights in having stuff that nobody else can afford.  The process starts with a picture:

Followed by a fabric, then a deadline - usually only just acheivable.This outfit looked very ornate, and obviously relied on the embroidery and sequins to make it special.  Fortunatley she found a burnt out fabricc at the local bargain emporium (Geoff's Emporium) and didn't want the beads.
The skirt was relatively straight forward.  I have a skirt block for her and used it to make a wide yolk.  Rather than gather the rest of the fabric as has been done on Miley Cyrus' dress I made it a semi-circle piece to avoid too much bulk around the booty.  I also lined the top part of the skirt, but left the rest to show a little flesh throught the burnt out pattern.  
The top was more of a mission.  The one on Miley Cyrus barely covers the subject, and my little girl has more to cover as well.  I made it two parts, a top bodice that had multiple pleats down the centre and side seams and was lined with a heavier cotton, and a lower bodice, which I didn't line, allowing the burnt out effect of the fabric to show through.  It took three calico muslins to get the fit right.  After several nights of cursing my daughter and the fabric we did end up with something that looked a lot like the original.
The top still looks a little brief but she's happy that it was reasonably true to the photo.  I did give her a small bag of sequins to embellish if she wanted to, but I suspect that the work involved in actually sewing them on herself may not be considered worth it.

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