Monday, 7 May 2012

Made Me May, day 5, 6 and 7

OK, this has to be the LEAST flattering picture that I will post - my scuba diving outfit!  I actually dive in a dry suit, which, for the non-divers, is like diving in a big plastic bag, so I wear thermal underwear to keep me warm, and actually stay dry while I dive.  For technical reasons to do with pressure at depth, the underwear has to be simple, close fitting with as few zips and buttons as possible.  Hence this monstrosity.  All I can say is that almost everyone at the dive lodge is wandering round in thermal underwear, so I didn't look nearly as odd at the lodge as I do here.

As an added Me Made Bonus over the weekend, I took several pairs of me made knickers/underpants - no model shots, but all garments are worn over these.  

They were reverse engineered from my most comfortable pair - 1/2 a meter made four pairs!
The less than flattering pictures continue with the closest I have ever come to jeans:

I have never been very happy with these cargo Pants (Burda December 2009),

For some odd reason the pockets always gap and give the impression of huge hips.

However, I would have looked really odd wearing a dress at the dive lodge, where the dress code is really casual.  A few years ago I drove up straight from work in a suit, and the lodge "mother" who I have known for AGES didn't recognise me.  So my nearly-jeans had to come out.  I've seen a few bloggers who have made very successful jeans (Amy and struggles to sew a straight seam spring to mind) recently so I might try again, but not with  this pattern.

I am wearing them with a top from the same magazine (121) which was much more successful.

As a final outfit for my first week of MMM12 I was helping paint a friend's living room, and I do draw the line at photos of me painting, however, here are the overalls which were made from an eighties Burda magazine, I can't recall which one.  They have recently, however, had a quick up date with the new embroidery machine!

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