Monday, 7 May 2012

That lace knit and MMM12 day 4

Every one I know has seen me knitting this top.  It was supposed to be an Equinox Top made with some Sirdar Pure Bamboo yarn that was on special at a local wool shop.  I followed the instructions and then neck was really high and frumpy looking.  Two thirds of the way through  this top I decided that I didn't like the way it was shaping up so unravelled it and redesigned the neck before starting again.  I did finish it this time, but months of handling, the "white" yarn, was lookiong decidedly gruppy.  The label on the yarn said machine washable, so I popped it in the machine with the regular wash, and out came a perfectly white child's T shirts!

I did nothing for a few weeks, then I unravelled it and started again.

When I finally finished it, it looked...well...ordinary.  Rather than redesign the whole thing and knit it up again I threaded a few bits of black ribbon and put it on to drive north for a weekend.  
I am so over this jumper now.

So this is now my Me Made May 12 outfit for Friday, that **** knitted top and the first skirt I made from my skirt block.

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