Thursday, 17 May 2012

Me made May - Day 15

To day was a fair amount of running round Auckland - collecting a repaired computer, dropping of shipping and lunch with a friend's mother.  I had forgotten about this dress until I saw a very similar one on pattern - scissors - cloth (wow, another blogger in Auckland!) At first I thought it was the same but mine came from October 2006 Burda,while hers came from May 2009. Despite the differences, it reminded me that I like this dress and hadn't worn it for a while.  This is another one that would stand repeating, especially since I made it up in a fairly distinctive print the first time.

Since it was swinging wildly between sunshine and rainstorm all day, I had to wear a jacket just in case.  I made this trench jacket from March 2009 Burda, and I'll admit it was fiddly to make, but I was quite please with the end result, although I made it in linen, so I needs to pass close to the iron every time I wear it to avoid that "slept in" look.

One of the things I was most happy about was the lining, which was a co-ordinating print.  I love slightly different linings.  I think that it makes a jacket look much more expensive if the lining has taken thought too.  This wasn't a proper lining fabric, but I loved the colours and they looked good with the linen.

Looking through my MMM12 posts it looks as though everything that I sew comes from old Burda Magazines, which isn't quite true.  I do use a lot of Burda patterns because I have get it every month and I like the patterns with no seam allowances.  However, I also have three boxes full of the big four patterns, which I also use.  I guess I don't use them as much as as I think I do.

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