Friday, 4 May 2012

Me Made May 12, day 3 and finishing the elephant

It was a family dinner today, so I pulled out an old favourite.  This teal wrap dress was based on a full length overdress from Burda Magazine in January 1999 (yes I have them from that far back).  I shortened the dress and sort of melded the top and bottom pieces to eliminate the waist seam.

It's getting quite chilly in the evenings, so I put a Jacket over the top - also from Burda Magazine, this time May 1999.  Again this pattern was adapted - the original was a full length coat.   The fabric was actually curtain fabric , but not thermal lined.  I loved the colours so disregarded the fact it was curtain fabric - I just hope I never meet someone with the curtains! 

My main reason for going with the green dress for this evening was that I bought a new pair of shoes the other day.  I had seen them and loved them earlier in the summer, but they weren't cheap so didn't buy them.  Last week I was passing the shop and they were half price.  I took this as a sign from the gods that I was supposed to have them.  They are rather high heeled, so I can't actually walk very far in them - more practice needed I think.

Since I would be seeing my ex at the dinner I was motivated to finish his trousers (the elephant Project)  despite my cunning strategy of breaking the project down into manageable chunks, I had still had procrastinated and hadn't finished them.  I had got engrossed in a jacket covered in embroidery (using the machine that Mum gave me) and was seriously lacking enthusiasm for the elephants.  Fortunately i had fitted them and made the required adjustments so I was able to get them done before the dinner.  He seemed pleased, and at least I can get back to the jacket, which is looking unusual at the moment.

I'm heading North this weekend - hoping to get do some scuba diving (I have a me made outfit for that) and I've offered to help my buddy paint his living room while I'm up there. Me Made overalls packed - pictures to follow.

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  1. Burda is awesome for patterns! My mum has them all the way back to the '80s, there's quite a few treasures in there that are perfect for today's trends! All ours are in German, so it's extra fun figuring out what to do :)
    Thanks for reminding me of those, I'll be going through the boxes of burdas this weekend and finding me some patterns to adapt!