Friday, 11 May 2012

MMM12 - Day 9 and 10

Day 9, and my plan is to go for a walk, then start cataloguing my fabric stash.  I'm going to photograph each piece of fabric with a piece of paper showing the length.

Doing the MMM12 challenge is showing me that I the clothes that I make are not the ones that I wear on a day to day basis.  I may not like the fact that I don't have a job, but it means that I tend to wear jeans and track pants most of the time.  These pants came from Burda, June 2009.  Not only are they not flattering, but they tend to need constant adjustment to stop them falling down.  The T shirt is from my standard T shirt block, taken from a RTW t shirt.

I made this ensemble as a yoga outfit, drafting the pants myself and using a Burda Pattern from June 2008 for the T shirt.  It's comfortable, but not flattering.  It was also one of the few outfits that I had that met the needs of today (doing nothing in particular at home) and the Me Made criteria.  I have a host of suits and skirts and dresses, but since I was made redundant most of them are not appropriate for day to day wear.  

Even if I was offered a job tomorrow I'd still have a gap in my Me Made wardrobe for weekend wear.  Last night was my pattern making class, so I copied the teachers instructions for drafting Jeans.  I'd like some well fitting jeans, and they would fit into my life better than endless lovely dresses, especially in the winter.

 In this picture I am knitting a set of cuffs for a casual hooded jacket that is in my plan:
The main fabric is a denim-weight cotton with a fun print of faces all over it, which I am planning to line with a pale grey T shirting fabric.  Since I want the jacket to be wind proof I was going to put some black ribbing round the wrists, but then came along this black-white-grey wool and I decided to mix my materials up a bit and knit my own cuffs.

Another weekend away, so the same old thermal undergarments will be trotted out for diving, but I'll have to think of another Jeans alternative.

Having two days with nothing to do I did manage to finish preparing the pieces for another version of the Burda Jacket that I wore on day 8.  The first version was black with red topstitching.  This time I've chosen a plain white linen but embroidered black swirls all over it.
 I'm not sure about this one - I'm warey of using the embroidery machine to over-do the embellishments, but it does look quite pretty.

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