Saturday, 19 May 2012

MMM12 - Day 18, and my first embroidery project

This is today's outfit.  Black and white T shirt, Black pants and a new black and white jacket.  The pants are my standard, "go to" pant pattern, Very Easy, Very Vogue, V8157.  I can't find it on Vogue's site now, so I guess it is out of print.  The T shirt is my standard pattern, taken from an old favourite moments before it died.

The jacket is new, and the reason that I picked the rest of the outfit - I wanted to wear my new jacket.  It's based on and old Burda Magazine Pattern (March 2007) that I made up in red and black and wore on day 5. This time I made it in plain white, but I let the new embroidery machine loose on it.  I placed a single swirl pattern all over the bodice pieces.  I need to be able to get the fabric in the machine hoops, so most of the embroidery had to be done before I actually cut the pieces out.  I drew round the pattern pieces on the fabric, then placed the swirl pattern (remembering to make each pattern a mirror image of the one on the other side), then cut out the pieces.

As I completed each piece I pinned it onto my dummy so I could see what it would look like.

One of the most challenging pieces was the back:
Getting the patterns to almost intertwine, but not quite took a lot of swearing and several aborted pieces.

By the time I got to the sleeves I was well and truly over the embroidery so convinced myself that the sleeves didn't need embellishment.

Finally I lined it with an over sized polka dot lining:

Yes, It's over the top, hopefully not too crafty but definitely unique.  I went to the supermarket and three people commented on it. 

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